Mineral Assets

Fruitvale - Tenneco Oil


387.50 acres of fee minerals located in the Fruitvale Oil Field with a clean path to development, water flood potential for all zones, an aquifer exemption from the EPA for the Santa Margarita formation, and more than 120 PUD and 25 PROB locations identified.

Fruitvale - Rosedale


255.00 acres of fee minerals located at the intersection of Rosedale and Coffee in Bakersfield. Surface previously used for PG&E power station, still largely undeveloped offering access to minerals.

Antimony Peak Mining Claim


37.63 acres comprising the former San Emigdio Mining Claim, now known as Antimony Peak. Discovered in 1853, the most recent report from the U.S. Bureau of Mining estimate the lode to be approximately 300,000 metric tons, including deposits of antimony, gold and silver.

Queen Anne Ruth Mining Claim


480.00 acres of subsurface rights in the Pine Mountain Club area of unincorporated southwestern Kern County. The Queen Anne Ruth Claim is a prospect in the Pacific Mountain System of California, documented as having deposits of both gold and silver.